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Frequently Asked

How to manage my time?

Time Management is an Art! Having a Purpose in whatever we do is the core.  Once we achieve in figuring out a purpose in whatever we do, we will be better placed to understand what are our priorities. Once we know our priorities, we will know how to organize Time!

How to Build Confidence?

Understanding about one’s own self is the basic thing.  While being aware of one’s weakness, one should try to know the streangths of his personality.  Realization of one’s own streangths and uniqueness will be base of Confidence!

How to overcome fear?

When future is uncertain and when faced with a situation to take a decision based on the uncertain future, we tend to fear what if something goes wrong? In actuality, nowthing has gone wrong and things wouldn’t happen the way one expects! Focus on details of what one should do to reach that future than wondering about all what ifs!

I consider I am less fortunate! Any way out?

Because one only looks at someone who is better placed, he ends up with such inferiority complexes. There are many other even less fortunate people! If you consider them, you will realize how fortune you are! It;s all how you look at!

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