Aaron Garland

Life Coach for Teens & Young Adults

The TigerTiger Method

The challenge for a young person to get things done, stay reasonably organized, and prioritize their activities enough to keep up with what’s expected, is HUGE! And it increases exponentially when their classes, assignments and tests become disconnected from an overarching purpose.

Executive function is the collection of non-academic skills that have an increasingly significant impact on a young person’s young life.  As they grow their command and use of executive skills provides them the toolset to ‘take care of business’ day to day with a minimum of stress and anxiety.

At the base of one’s executive function skills is the question of metacognition: seeing the big picture and thinking about how your thinking influences your movement through that picture.  If your efforts aren’t tied to a relevant and desirable outcome it doesn’t take long for your efforts themselves to lose relevance and motivation.

If you’re struggling with time management, organizing your tasks or prioritizing your work this coaching program is for you.  And just as importantly, if you’re adrift and not sure what you want to do or why you’re in school, now’s the time to have a meaningful dialogue about who you want to become.



How We See It

It takes some effort and desire to solve your problems and change your habits. Sometimes you need outside help to get things rolling. With a coach by your side encouraging you to figure out genuine solutions to the issues that have been holding you up you’ll be surprised how quickly you can make things better for yourself. I’ll walk you through the simple steps to mastering important executive skills, making big improvements to the way you get things done and eventually become your own coach.  Let’s collaborate to find your way toward a much more gratifying experience in and out of school.


My Coaching Methods

Where Are You Going?

It always boils down to where are you headed, what do you want to accomplish, experience, do, make, be a part of, help with, etc… You get the picture.  Figuring that out is often harder than it sounds, but it’s critical.  Without a direction, even if it’s just a short term direction, you’re adrift.

Why Are You Headed There?

Motivation is essential to any pursuit, in school, sports, life, you name it, even if you just want to relax it won’t be a very relaxing experience unless you have a strong motivation to make it happen successfully.  As we figure out your direction we’ll also figure out all the main reason and then the supporting reasons why it’s important and in the process uncover the desire and build the confidence to get you there.

Plan To Act & Act To Plan

An ancient Chinese proverb states that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  So it’s the next single step or two that we will put under the scrutiny of your fine attention. As we do that you’ll come up with experimental steps to try out and agree on when and how you want to initiate, amend and follow through on your plan.

The Beat, The Routine, The Rhythm: Your Habits

Every good plan address two categories: 1) the single, one-and-done tasks, 2) the things you’re doing daily, morning routines, classroom routines, kitchen and bathroom routines, bed time routines, workout and practice routines, anywhere you want to grow.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!